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French - A1

The Intonation

The ascending intonation at the end of the sentence plays an important role, because thanks to it we understand whether the other person is asking a question.  If someone says to you: “Ça va ?” he will expect you to answer “Ça va” with a descending intonation or with replies such as “oui super”, “pas […]


Numbers 70, 80 and 90

Learning to count in another language isn’t always easy. Counting in French up to 69 is not too complicated, but from 70 onwards you have to do some arithmetic.  For example for 70 you have to to add 60 + 10 to get “soixante-dix”; for 80 you have to multiply 4×20 (“quatre-vingts”); and for 90 […]


Personal pronouns

As in English, the verbs in French are always accompanied by a personal pronoun, and it’s the pronoun that identifies the person (1st, 2nd and 3rd person, singular or plural). French is not written as it is pronounced, nor is it pronounced as it is written; most final consonants are silent.  For example, the verb […]


French Grammar A1 Level

The Sillabi grammar resources for French level A1 are finally online! Click here to discover them! What does the Sillabi grammar offer for level A1? On our site you will find simple grammar sheets, useful also for those who already know the language or want to refresh their grammar skills. Let’s have a look: If […]

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