Italian Grammar A1 Level

Sillabi grammar resources for the Italian course level A1 are available online! Click and discover them!

What can you find in the Sillabi grammar resources for the Italian A1 course?

Grammar resources contain explanations suited to your level, a variety of grammar tables and many examples.

Let’s try:

Do you say il studente or lo studente?

What is the feminine of the adjective of nationality cinese?

If I don’t like dancing, vado mai in discoteca or non vado mai in discoteca?

What does “A1 level” mean?

With level A1, defined by CEFR as “beginner” level, “you can understand simple and commonly used sentences, introduce yourself and other people, you can provide your personal informations, for example you can fill out a form and understand the one filled in by others, and finally interact with a person who speaks slowly and helps you understand.”

As you can see, there are different skills involved: listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar. If you want to explore only grammar, come and discover the Sillabi grammatical contents, easy to understand for everyone. If you want to learn the language, just enroll in our course or take the free test.

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