Modal verbs

Voglio superare l’esame di italiano. Devo migliorare le mie conoscenze grammaticali. Posso prepararmi con Sillabi.”

The verbs at the beginning of each sentence above are modal verbs. Click here to find out more!

In Italian verbs such as “volere”, “dovere” and “potere” are called modal verbs. These verbs are called “modal” because they are followed by an infinitive verb and specify its mode of action.

Voglio superare l’esame di italiano” I am determined to pass the exam, it is my intention to do it.

Devo migliorare le mie conoscenze grammaticali” I am aware of having difficulties with grammar and I need to improve myself.

Posso prepararmi con Sillabi” I have the opportunity to do it comfortably with an online course!

Come to Sillabi and look for the grammar sheet dedicated to modal verbs or click here. You will be able to read other examples and find a useful table of the present indicative of these irregular verbs. It’s useful to memorize the different forms.

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