Italian Grammar A2 Level

Today we move to the A2 level of Italian! Come and read the Sillabi grammar resources for the “elementary” level.

What contents does Sillabi offer for level A2?

The grammatical contents for level A2 offer a revision of the topics of the previous level,

for example:

  • when do you use these tenses: passato prossimo and imperfetto?
  • what is the structure of the informal imperative? and of the formal imperative?

Or let’s take a step back:

  • Do you say Ieri sono andato al cinema or Ieri ho andato al cinema?
  • Are you sure to remember the irregular verbs? Let’s try the verb “andare”: noi andiamo, voi andate, loro… ?
  • Must possessive adjectives be preceded by an article? Do you say miei fratelli or i miei fratelli?

What does level A2 allow me to do?

The level of competence that the CEFR defines as “elementary” consists in understanding simple sentences concerning “areas of most immediate relevance” (personal information, shopping, asking for directions …). The student is able to

communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters.

For level A2 try our Sillabi course. If you are not sure about your level, take our free test. If you are mainly interested in grammar, discover the resources available for free on Sillabi.

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