Spanish Grammar B1 Level

Today we take a step towards the B1 level of Spanish. Discover the grammatical contents on Sillabi!

The grammar sheets for Spanish level B1 are divided by grammar topics and communication functions, contain explanations, tables and many useful examples to solve your doubts or review grammar. They are designed for those who are already comfortable with the Spanish language and for those who want to review some topics of the previous levels. Let’s have a look together:

  • “El libro ___ está en la mesa es de gramática española” (en. The book which is on the table is a Spanish grammar). With which relative pronoun would you complete this sentence?
  • How is the “pretérito imperfecto de subjuntivo” formed? Try to continue the conjugation of the verb “comer” (en. to eat): “yo comiera, tú comieras, él / ella / usted comiera, nosotros …”
  • In the impersonal form, when is the indicative used and when the subjunctive? For example, is this sentence correct? “Es seguro que mañana empiezan las clases” (en. Classes are certainly beginning tomorrow).

If these questions have intrigued you and you want to find the answer, we invite you to search in the corresponding contents: Los pronombres relativos, El pretérito imperfecto de subjuntivo and Expresiones impersonales. Once you enter the site, you will want to know more!If you want to test yourself with the free test click here. If you want to go directly to the B1 level course, click here and proceed with the registration.

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