Spanish Grammar A1 Level

The grammar contents for Spanish level A1 has also arrived! Click here and discover them on Sillabi!

Grammar sheets suitable for level A1 are available on the Sillabi website, divided by topics (articles, names, adjectives… ), that you can consult easily thanks to their clarity and conciseness. Explanations, tables and examples ready to clear your doubts or revise grammar, designed for those taking their first steps in studying the Spanish language.

Here are some examples:

  • What is the feminine of the adjective of nationality marroquí?
  • How do they translate and when do you use the personal pronouns usted and ustedes?
  • If I see a little girl playing in a garden, do I say Está una niña en el jardín or Hay una niña en el jardín?
  • Do you say Yo tengo treinta años or Yo tiengo treinta años?
  • How is the pretérito perfecto formed?

If these questions have intrigued you and you want to find the answer, we invite you to search among the corresponding contents: género y número, tú y usted / vosotros vs ustedes, ser – estar – hay, verbos irregulares en presente de indicativo, el pretérito perfecto. Once you enter the site, you will want to find out more!

If you want to test yourself with the free test click here; if instead you want to go directly to the A1 level course, click here and proceed with the registration.

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