French Grammar A2 Level

Come and discover the grammar contents for French level A2!

What will I find in Sillabi A2 grammar?

With the Sillabi sheets for level A2 of French you will gradually deepen your grammatical knowledge in a simple and fast way.

A few examples?

  • Fleur (flower) is masculine or feminine? And how is the feminine of professional names formed?
  • Would you like to go… en Brésil or au Brésil?
  • What is the difference between the passé composé and the passé récent?

If you can’t answer, you can search in the Sillabi grammar sheets dedicated to the following topics: les genre des noms, les prépositions avec les noms de pays, le passé composé and le passé récent

The Sillabi method is designed to make you move forward without leaving you alone! The A2 grammar sheets will also help you to revise your A2 grammar skills.

In addition to grammar there are many skills required for learning a language. The Sillabi courses teach the different skills of reading, listening, speaking, writing and pronunciation. If you want to test your English for free, click here or come discover our courses.

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